Quarter Pallet Sandbags – 15 Bags


Polypropylene filled sand bags.

One quarter pallet of 15 sand bags, each weighing 15 kg.

Our quarter pallets are an ideal purchase for our customers with smaller requirements. Smaller quantities of sand bags can be used to protect inside your home; for example, for use in sinks to prevent and water backing up from the drainage system. Our sand bags are also perfect for weighting objects such as road signs or garden trampolines.

All of our bags are machine stitched to maintain shape – perfect for building a protective wall and layering.

Smaller quantities of filled sand bags are available to buy from our Paisley depot, Contact Us for more information.



One pallet of 15 x 15 kg sand bags.

Approximate Bag Dimensions – 570 mm x 270 mm x 60 mm

Fast UK Delivery.

All bags are machine stitched to maintain their rectangular shape – perfect for layering and building a protective wall.


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